Build a pantilt 2021 and 2022

The 3D model of the camera turret can be downloaded here: 3D Model. It is provided as an F3D file, openable on Fusion 360. A .gcode file is also provided, but it only applies to printing a single turret kit on a Prusa Mini+ with PLA Prusament. It cannot be used in any other configuration.

Recommended settings are:

  • Layer thickness: 0.2 mm

  • Material: PLA

  • Temperature: depends on your PLA

  • Supports: only on the tray

To move, the turret needs 2 standard servomotors of 9g type SG90.


They can be bought on Aliexpress for about 3€50 or on Amazon for about 10€.


To assemble the turret, you can follow the manual Assembling pantilt 2021 and 2022.