Your esieabot is equipped with 2 servo motors. They are used to drive the camera turret.


  • Type: Servo 9g

  • Manufacturer : Feetech

  • Reference: FS90MG

  • Dimensions (+/- 1mm): 22 x 11 x 27mm

  • Voltage range: 4.5 to 6V

  • Force: Approx. 7N

  • Expected signal frequency: 50Hz

  • Possible angle position: approx. 180°


A servomotor is a DC motor equipped with an electronic servo circuit. A potentiometer built into the servomotor enables the electronic board to know the exact position of the motor. To control it, a 50Hz signal is sent. This signal is composed of a logic high ranging from 1ms to 2ms. The duration of this high logic corresponds to the desired angle setting. 1ms corresponds to the minimum, 2ms to the maximum and 1.5ms to the middle.


  • Red wire : power

  • Yellow or orange wire : signal

  • Fil noir ou marron : ground


The servomotor can draw more than 500mA. So don’t connect it to the Raspberry Pi’s +5V terminal. Use the corresponding batteries, depending on your esieabot version.