Add-on board

Since 2023, the esieabot has been equipped with a dedicated PCB to control its motors. It also adds new components such as an LED and an integrated button or an analog/digital converter.



The esieabot add-on board is equipped with a DRV8411 motor controller from Texas Instrument as well as a TLA2024 analog-to-digital converter. The ADC is connected to the Raspberry Pi I2C bus.

Used pins

The add-on board connects a few components directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIOs as follows:

  • Button on GPIO 6

  • LED on GPIO 26

  • Motor controls

    • Motor 1: GPIO 23 for direction 1, GPIO 25 for direction 2

    • Motor 2: GPIO 17 for direction 1, GPIO 22 for direction 2

  • Servo motors on GPIO 18 and 13

  • Speed sensors on GPIO 4 and 16